Monday, June 30, 2008

A Bit of Scrapbooking

Last Friday night at the Pack-n-Play in Green Bay, I also did a bit of scrapbooking. These pages aren't my usual style. They feel a bit more haphazard. I also didn't add any bling, but hope to later, when I figure out what will look right. The top page looks finished to me. This was my home away from home last school year. You see, I met Bubba and fell in love, but still hold my job 1 1/2 hours away in Neopit. My friend Carmen generously allowed me to stay here, at her house along the Wolf River, the entire school year. We had great times laughing and processing our day, maple syruping, baking friendship bread, hauling wood, cleaning, reading, walking, shopping at Walmart and Goodwill, eating out at the Farm Inn on Main, and sleeping. She is an amazing person and I will forever be grateful for her generosity. Plus, aren't Storm and Rags the cutest? Whenever they looked at me, they got whatever they wanted! I used the Western Sky Paper and Short Order Alphabet for the title.

Here are some more pics:
This is double page spread for the family scrapbook. Bubba and I have a family that's a bit unusual--Ron and Don (AKA, the GUYS). This double page spread is from going to the CLUB in Marshfield for a Muzzleloading Shoot in April. Again, I used the Western Sky paper and dollied it up with as many rub-ons as fit. I have a feeling they might be retiring to make way for new designs and wanted to try them out. It got a bit busy for me, but it's fun. That's what stamping and scrapbooking are all about for me...FUN.

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