Thursday, June 26, 2008

They're Here! (and on my wall)

Yippee! I was working on my convention swaps when the doorbell rang. Yipeeee! It was Mr. Brown with my brown box of new stuff. On June 18, Shelli, the founder and owner of Stampin' Up! announced a new product line called decor elements. These are vinyl rub-ons for walls. The cool part, is the images will be Stampin' Up!, so they match the home decor stuff I've made and fit right into my samp room. As soon as I saw the flyer, I knew I had the solution for my stamp room wall I'd been looking for.
You, see, my stamp room is upstairs in a Cape Cod style house. Thus, the walls are slanted from about 5 feet up to the ceiling. All of my stamping gear has to to be hung below this. So, there's a very visual area (all my junk) and then a blank space. It's always bugged me, but I couldn't figure out how and what to hang there. NOW I KNOW!

Disclaimer: I try to keep my room clean and neat, but often find that creativity and cleanliness as well as too many things and not enough space, keep my room a bit messy. Be aware and understanding as you view these pictures.

Here is a photo essay of my journey over the last hour:

I was working on my swaps for convention..Party Pails. I have 48 umbrellas, 48 cards, and now, 6 luminaries in process on my table:

The Box opened:

Yes. That's them! In the tubes! Ahhh.. Which one is for the stamp room? Oh my gosh!

Here it is!

I found it so easy apply! After searching for the recommended painter's tape in the garage, I put it up, measured for level, and decided the right place. Next, you rub the vinyl onto the front paper, repost and rub it onto the wall. It was fun and easy.

The finale! It's getting dark outside, so the natural light isn't there to get a great picture. I will try again tomorrow. I also have another image to put next to it, but am thinking about how...umm...the possibilities.

Click here to see the Decor Elements Brochure. These can be ordered after July 1.

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