Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July! To celebrate, I am returning to the Omro Lions Craft Fair in Omro. The original site has been flooded out, but there is a different park for us! I am in the back row at number 34, if you plan to visit. You can buy stuff I've made and see what you missed at different classes! I also have a supersecret special for my customers who see me there!

What I have been up to the last three days? (Other than preparing for the craft show). Well, at Tuesday's Causing Inky Antics meeting, (my upline's upline's group), Sandy showed us this great make and take--a firecracker box! She challenged us to try something with it this weekend to build our business. I took on that challenge tonight with this:

What do you think? Post a comment to let me know what the scoop is!

I created 6 more firecrackers, poked a hole in them, placed them on a stick and then thought, NOW WHAT?

I found these vases in my stash of stuff, added some foam, hid the foam with marbles, created some crinkle paper (with Real Red cardstock and my handy dandy crimper), covered On Board Basics chipboard with paper from Jersey Shore and my Real Red Prints, tied a ribbon around the base, added some more chipboard and WHEW! I'm done.

Again, the picture is blue. Sorry. I had my choice of blue or yellow. When I take daytime pictures, it works better, but since I was getting up early tomorrow, I needed to take them now.

How did I help my business you ask? Well, I have some holiday stuff to sell, and I used up more of the stuff lying around in this stamp room.

Have a fun Fourth!

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  1. These are cute! Thanks for the tip on my SCS post, by the way!


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