Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merrry Christmas Me!

Yeah, I know. It's the season of giving, blah, blah, blah. This post is to celebrate what I got. You see, my wish list was small. We just had wedding reception, my husband is shopper, and the only thing I really need is time in my stamp room! So, my family had to suffer through another short list. But, yet again, they came through!

Bubba and the guys got me a Pottery Barn blanket that is knitted like a cable knit sweater! Oh my golly! It's wonderful for lying on the couch and potatoing out. Not on my wish list, but a great find! That's where I was yesterday after a start to re-organizing my stamp room. It was so bad in there, I needed to spend hours cleaning instead of stamping! Ug. Not good for the creative juices!

My mom, dad, and sister came through for my Monday morning commute with Star Buck's gift cards. I prefer to go local, but at 5:00 Starbucks is the only game in town on my way to work. I should be driving fully caffienated for a while!

Finally, a highlight was something my dad cooked up. Well, after a phone call of measurements, my mom's punches as guides, and some pics via email! Wait, you don't know what it is yet! Here it is:

Awesome! All of my punches fit on it. I filled it up right away. Opps. But, they are handy and organized. Even Mr.Organization Bubba was impressed! I had one for ribbon, but never owned enough ribbon to fill it up. I discovered it's greatness for punches. The ribbon got in the way, so my dad also made me one just for ribbon:
See the cool handle at the top? They are portable! Yippeeee!!! Heavy, but doable!

Thanks to my entire family for all they do for me!

Wishing you had a wonderful holiday, also!

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  1. Cool storage! I plan to address storage issues this coming year!


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