Saturday, April 4, 2009

Special Deal for New Demos on My Team!

Shocked.Exhausted. Ready to take on the world...How can a girl feel all those things at once?!!

I had a great day today at regionals. I will post much of what I learned in the next few weeks. It will take that long for me to absorb and digest and do all the things I learned today. Stampin' Up! is an amazing company to be affiliated with. The best news for some of you, is that I am able to offer a special deal on Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Starter Kit. Drumroll....

$50 dollars off! Yep. That's right. Because I attended the Minneapolis Regional, I can offer my new recruits, $50 off the starter kit from now until April 20th. Forms have to be mailed in, so we need to work fast to get you what you need! The starter kit will cost you $149. Wowser. That's over $335 worth of stuff for $149. Plus access to all of Stampin' Up!'s great resources!

Stampin' Up! has changed my life. Through Stampin' Up! have found business sense, an outlet for my creativity, and a way to expand my love of education. As Bubba can tell you, I love stamping, designing, and sharing! I wish to offer this opportunity to anyone interested! If you'd like to join, let me know via an That is the best way to reach me!

Happy Stamping!

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