Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Weekend Retreat-Stampin' Style

I usually don't let "life" get in the way of posting, but this week it was one thing after another and I didn't keep up. Something had to give, and it was my blog. Bummer. However, I'm back with a recap of what I've been doing. First, last Thursday was spent getting ready to go to White's Wildwood Retreat for a weekend away. Friday was spent driving, setting up, and stampin'. This is a picture of some of us the first night. (I'm in the top left corner.

Here's where we stayed:

Not bad, huh? This started as a plan of my upline Sandy plus some of the demonstrators in her group

for a weekend of fun and turned into a great wekeend with my mom and sister:

My mom and sister got over 40 scrapbook pages done! My mom works on a scrapbook of major life events for my nephews (Nathan and Tim) and my sister documents their Cub Scout achievements. Both were hard to slow down on their mojo got going!

Me? I worked on convention swaps. First, I finished the swaps from my previous post. Then, I worked on my punch swap which was 25 6x6 pages, and finally I completed over 50 Christmas Cards. For me? Of course not, my cards are all for swapping in two weeks at the Stampin' Up! Convention.

That still doesn't explain Monday or Tuesday. Well, I was a TV star. I was asked by a friend to do a PR commercial spot that honors my school, so I did it. Monday was spent recovering from my weekend and traveling to Madison. Tuesday was spent taping my segments for the commerical as part of WEAC's Back to School series. Crazy! I think I must be crazy! Oh well. Now, onto more stamping!

Happy Summer!


  1. SOunds like you have been really busy, the week-end sounded like a lot of fun. Have fun at convention, maybe I'll see you there next year!

  2. Wow girl! It looks great I am soo jealouse!! Hope you have fun at convention!


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