Tuesday, September 8, 2009


and my links, and my project links, and all the work I did last week and last weekend? Oh my golly!

Confession time- I plan my posts in advance. I write a bunch up and then post them to post on certain days. That way, I can stamp when I have time and do computer stuff when I have access to that.

Confession number 2: I don't always check on my blog. In fact, days can go by before I catch on that it's not the way I planned it. Then, a day or two can go by before I can fix it.

Confession number 3: Last week, I deleted a little too much when all I wanted to do was switch out my projects for the new month and delete a couple of links that weren't connecting. The latter parts are towards the bottom of my blog and (sorry), I don't always check on them. I just found out they were missing. So...

My apologies to those blogs I usually link to but haven't been for a week. I will redo them ASAP. My apologies also for those that check on my blog and have found it inspirationless. Such a bummer and I am committing right now to check on it more often, make sure things are running smoothly, and posting more often.

GET READY FOR POSTAPALOOZA. I have a list of posts that I must retype (as they vanished), but will do so and make them post ASAP.

Thanks for your understanding and Happy Stamping!

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