Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't Get the Staples Confused!

Huh? You might ask? Well, I am a coffee and tea drinker. I also love K-cups. The tea ones and the coffee ones look a lot alike, especially in the morning, so I bought some basic jar-like containers to separate my faves. Then, I realized that the hostess level 1 Decor Elements were the perfect addition to my project:

I didn't use the flour one (yet), as I have no flour (yet) in the new house. I don't really cook during the week--I reheat rice and vegetables or a simple meal. However, I do drink coffee and tea--so now I am organized in a cool way!

Happy decorating!

1 comment:

  1. Love them, Sara. Even though I don't need the rubons I loke the way they look. Maybe they could come out with some craft ones? Ribbon, punches and Beads? Have a great week!


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