Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

This year, I used Stampin' Up!'s My Digital Studio to create our Christmas Cards. Still, I didn't get them sent out in time. A few people will be getting paper copy, but to be eco-girl once again in my life--here is the digital version:

and the annual letter. I write the letter and Bubba adds his comments on the side. I've italicized his words in this version:

Happy Winter to all! December 09

What a year! Life is certainly not boring since I met Bubba. We still look at each other once in a while in amazement and say “Can you believe we’re married?” Yet, married life fits us—our way. The winter was pretty uneventful, other than a few road trips for Bubba when I kicked him out so he could have some time to himself. He traveled to Tennessee twice, once on his own and once to visit a friend. Ah, Tennessee. The land of roadside BBQ, country music, and hotel rooms that can comfortably fit me and one other dude.

As Spring neared, my love for my job was evident and I hated the idea of looking elsewhere. One day, Bubba said, “You should just keep your job. You are good at it and they need you.” Little did he know what the consequences of that statement would be! I started looking for cheap places to buy or rent. As usual I should have just kept my big mouth shut. That’s what I get for trying to be a supportive husband. We found a cabin that was perfect for us- me, Bubba, Ron, and Don. In June, Bubba and I became second home owners and the work began. See how she lists herself first? The property was in sad condition as a foreclosure, so Bubba financed a renovation project with the help of our handyman and friend Jim and a weekend of work by my dad, Bubba, and I. “Sad condition” is SaraSpeak for “Where’s the credit card?” The basement has been entirely redone and has a FABULOUS new bathroom, family room, pellet stove, and stamping area. The upstairs got new floors, new paint, and will soon get a new bathroom. I am grateful to Bubba for loving me enough to know what I needed the most!

“Stamping area” is SaraSpeak for the entire basement is a stamping area. What she needed most was to get away from me?

Over the summer, we worked on the house, but also found time to celebrate Bubba’s 40th birthday at a local BBQ joint, BBQ joint? 3 Michelin Star restaurant is more like it. That stuff is awesome!

visit my brother in law’s family cottage, and generally have fun. Unfortunately, Ron (one of the guys that live with us), broke his left hip and spent three months in the hospital and nursing home. We were sure glad to have him back home, even though it meant sleepless nights for Bubba (as Ron needs frequent assistance at night). Ron is almost back to his old independence, so we are thankful to that. In July, Bubba bought a Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic and found a new passion-riding the road. The bike is really fun and has brought out a whole new side of me. Okay…maybe not “new” but it has certainly enhanced what was already there. In August, he rode from Neenah to Laramie, WY, while Don and I followed in the Urban Assault Vehicle. We reached Salt Lake City just in time for my annual Stampin’ Up! Convention, where I learned new techniques, had fun, and celebrated a hobby I love. Bubba and Don went sightseeing and to movies. Bubba discovered his all-time favorite restaurant- ACME Burgers. He was speechless as he read the menu, because he couldn’t decide which one to get!

As my 11th year at the Menominee Indian Middle School started, I had a quiet place to go home to, a job I loved, and my face all over the TV in a WEAC commercial. My kids (present and past) loved that their teacher was on TV, so it was worth the make-up and acting. In November, my school was named a NASSP Met Life Breakthrough School, which is a national honor to school that have made significant gains in achievement. Finally, we are being recognized for the improvements we have made as a staff. She’s being modest and downplaying the achievements of her school. The school is one of four in the nation to be named a school of excellence. It is because of the hard work of teachers like Sara that those kids have a real chance in life. I’m both proud and humbled by the work Sara does.

I hope this letter finds you and yours happy and healthy! And I’m competing for my second fantasy football title this weekend. Which I will no doubt win.

Wishing you health, strength, and life in the new year!

Sara and Bubba

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