Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fork Bow Tutorial

At the Milwaukee Regionals Event, one demonstrator presenter showed us how to make a perfect bow using a fork. Any kind--pitch fork, dinner fork, or serving fork. Want to see how it's done? Follow along with this picture tutorial. Then, get your own fork and ribbon and try it out- practice makes perfect!

I am using ribbon with polka dots on one side so you can see the flips and flops and turns like when learning origami!

Step 1: Wrap ribbon around fork with ends to the right side. The long end will stay long and the short end will get shorter.

Step 2: Take the long end under the short end and through the bottom center area between the tines.(under the whole thing).

Step 3: Wrap the ribbon around the back and slide through the tines on top. See how it squishes a bit?
Step 4: Tie the short end and long end together. Do this tight.

Step 5: Pull off the fork and attach to your project!

Tah Dah! I hope that makes sense!

Happy Bow-tying!

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