Friday, April 2, 2010

Inspiring Nursery Decor

What better way to welcome a wee little into the world than to have an inspiring nursery? Well, I convinced my sister that two decor elements would look amazing: Flutter and Upsy Daisy. She convinced her husband, who bought paint and painted the green (actually Sage Shadow) some amazing clouds, and a friend helped out by painting the blue (Bashful Blue). Here's a look at my niece Clare's nursery:

Sweet, huh? My mom and nephew (who was 10 at the time) helped me out. These are so easy to apply that Tim had no trouble rubbing (also known as burnishing) and peeling off the paper. We had a great 45 minutes!

In this shot, there is a little whimsy to make rough chore a little easier. Note the cool changing table that a friend made for my sister!

And there was still room (and more decor' elements) for near the door.

All credit for these photos goes to my husband, M. Bubba Blume, at Insomniac Media.Thanks!

Happy Decorating!

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