Thursday, August 19, 2010

Special Project #3: The Grand Finale

Ok, now this project has a definite lack of stamping, but was the BIG project I worked on:

(Sorry for the bad photography, the day of the event, I forgot to redo it)

I wanted to stamp some little monkeys and baby stuff, but then I went shopping in a baby department with my niece and sister and I found great items to add! However, I did use my Bashful Blue Ribbon to tie it all together so I did use my Stampin' Up! stash~! My craft and ribbon scissors made it that part easy!

I hope James doesn't outgrow the diapers before he uses them all! When we saw this bib, we had to have it-- since James's dad is our cousin!

With the lean on that cake--good thing I don't bake them!

Happy Stamping!


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  1. Oh, that is sooo cute! I love the way you tied the monkey theme together. (That bib is adorable, too.)


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