Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eat this!

You really can't eat the project I am showing you today, but I am a fan of those Eat this! Not that! books, so that's what popped into my head for a title!

Stamps: none
Paper: none
Ink: none
Accessories: Eat Decor Element, Applicator, tray

I first bought this for the wall in my kitchen, but then thought it was too big for what I wanted to do. Then last winter, when Bubba and went to Ikea, I found this tray and thought it would fit. It doesn't, but the flexibility of decor' elements allow it to look cool this way. I use it for my coffee station -coffee pot, sugar, syrup, mugs, milk for when guest stay over. So very fun!

Happy Stamping! (or Rubbing)!



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