Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Digital Studio-- What gives?

After talking to a few customers during the Book-a-thon last night, I realized that I haven't been explaining My Digital Studio all that well. My Digital Studio is a computer program that works on a Mac or PC and allows you to design scrapbook pages, scrapbooks, cards, posters, videos, multimedia presentations, calenders, jpegs, and more! I use mine all the time for anything I send out for Stampin' Up!

In the last month, I have made a photo Christmas card for a friend, half of a calender for Christmas present, about three pages of a small book, three flyers, card assortment toppers for my craft fair, jpegs for my blog, my blog background for my team blog, and some coupons for my Stampin' Up! business--- all using Stampin' Up! images, colors, embellishments, and papers!

I made this in about a half hour. This is my cute niece, Clare. The "stories" were by my husband and amazing photographer--Bubba, in very tricky light conditions. You can check out his other stuff at his website--Insomniac Designs. (He doesn't take pictures, he tells stories.)

The program itself is very easy to use. The workspace is designed to give multiple ways to do each thing you want- add stamps, color stamps, add text, color text, add pictures, add paper layers, add buttons, add flowers, add ribbon, add brads, add punched shapes, color punch shapes, add hyper-links, add music, add sound.

What I love most about My Digital Studio is that by carrying my laptop (which I do everywhere), I can carry my entire stamp studio with me. I can scrapbook without filling my trunk! Very cool!

Plus, the cost is well worth what you get. I've bought photoshop for hundreds of dollars, but I use My Digital Studio for most of what I bought photoshop for- all for less than $100. For 79.99, you can get so much!

Plus, Stampin' Up! offers more downloads each month that are reasonably priced- especially since you can use them all you want!

This month's downloads are:

 Item  Description  Image  Price
122174 Nite Owl Digital Kit   $7.95
122175 Autumn Spice Digital Kit   $9.95
122176 Deck the Halls Photocard Digital Kit   $3.95
122177 Candy Cane Lane Photocard Digital Kit   $3.95
123728 Celebrations Digital Kit   $9.95
122166 Brad Add-On Pack  

You can't beat those prices! Plus, you never run out!

For this and so much more, shop from my website:

 Happy Scrapbooking!



  1. Awwww, that Clare is a cutie indeed! Love how you've shown her off with MDS, Sara!

  2. Aww she is soo adorable and what a great page!!!

  3. I actually looked at this yesterday, but I got so distracted looking at your DH's photography site, I totally forgot to leave a comment! This is an adorable page and MDS is sure fun to play with. Lots less mess on the desk too ;)

  4. Great page for a great photo! Love all the polka dots!!

  5. Loving that "cute-a-tude"!!! Great page and great reminder!


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