Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Gift of Love and Stories, Part II

The title of this post may confuse you. Stories? I have no journaling on this calender, so how are there stories? Well, long story, but the jist is that my husbsand started a photography business called Insomniac Designs Photography where his motto is "We don't take pictures. We tell stories. Let's tell yours." Here is our Mattson family story for April, May, and June!

 I didn't want to make the whole calendar about Clare,but really, she's so darn cute. Nathan and Tim (the boys) are less photogenic these days as preteens, but they are still pretty fun to have smiling from the page!

 Clare was baptized in May and I wanted to share the pictures (most by my Hubby Bubba) and celebrate this moment for  my sister and her family.

This page is my favorite because of the cuteness of these pictures. Bubba took this series while she was lying around  and wiggling out at the Kohls's cottage. She loved the breeze and being outside. I had to play with this set of pics and like what I came up with. Sorry Nathan and Tim for focusing on just her! Next year, she won't be as cute!

Happy Scrapping!


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  1. Sara - cute baby! Love the calendar.

    Laura (your silly roomie)


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