Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Digital Studio: New Content Added with a PDF Catalog

Recently, I have been posting the My Digital Studio Projects I have worked on for Christmas presents, but I also use this program all the time! I designed my blog with it. I make scrapbook pages I haven't yet shared. I make flyers. I love having a digital version on my favorite craft!

However, I did get a bit confused as to what downloads I had purchased to add to My Digital Studio, which ones came with it, and which ones I needed to get yet! Stampin' Up! came to my rescue with a PDF catalog. You can check it out here and download it or just view it! While you are there, check out the rest of Stampin' Up!'s exclusive My Digital Studio website. So much information in such an easy place to get to!

Also, on most Tuesdays, Stampin' Up! has promised more downloads! Yippee. I can plan a night of scrapbooking every Tuesday to play with new toys!

Here are the ones from Tuesday, February 15th (click here to see them in PDF):

124412 Beautifly Butterfly Shapes $0.95
124433 Polystitched Ribbon $3.95
124561 Nursery Designer Series Paper $4.95
124562 Nursery Embellishments $5.95
124563 So Cute Stamp Brush Set $1.95
124567 Engraved Greetings Stamp Brush Set $3.95
124438 Thanks for Caring Stamp Brush Set $3.95
124435 You're a Gem Stamp Brush Set $3.95

You can always order them via my website. I also have monthly My Digital Studio classes on the second Tuesday of each month in my house in Shawano or call me to schedule your own free class!

Happy Stamping!


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