Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ice Cream Parlor Notepad Tips and Template

Confession: I have a habit of buying things I plan to alter and then stashing them for a later date. Anyone familiar with that? I like to call it--SSFLS --Stampers Save it For Later Syndrome. However, I am trying to reduce my clutter, so when I encounter a product that I can use, I try to figure out how I can use it with what I have.

Remember that notepad from the other day?

I can't remember when I bought it or where. That doesn't really matter, does it? However, I had just enough for my guests at the Lily Ink Pad retreat, so decided to use them. Wouldn't you like to do the same, for whatever you have lying around? Today's your lucky day!

Here's the process I used.

1. I placed the notepad on a piece of 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock. I then decided how much of a border I wanted (about 1/4 inch on each side. For this particular notepad, that meant I only needed 8 inches of length.

2. Next, I used my grid paper to figure out how much I needed to for the rest of the cover. You need double the bottom, plus a 1/2 for a fold, plus two more half inches for the pen holder. The rest, I just folded over for a little pocket.

3. I marked my measurements on the grid paper, so I make one, but remember what I had done. Turns out, I needed to add a bit to one measurement as I measured wrong. Opps. Then, I made up a template so I can recreate this if I ever have the same notebpads again.

Here's the template...remember, if your notebook is larger, just start with a larger base and make the top the same size as the bottom. Then, the edges could be like mine to hold a pen. The pocket size might be adjusted. You can design your own projects!

 Happy Stamping!



  1. Thanks for the instructions! Such a cute inside pocket!

  2. Love the inner pocket, too! Thanks for the instructions!

  3. Thanks for the template :) And for sharing the process with us, too. Good to see how it works for those daring enough to try!

  4. Thanks for the instructions! I have a serious case of SSFLS. I appreciate the tip on how to work through it!


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