Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Retirement List is Out!

Oh happy day! (If I wasn't home sick puking) It's June 1st and the Retirement (ahem--Last Chance) list is out!

Here is a pic, but you can also click on it to see a pdf.

There is also a Last Chance Definitely Decorative List because the little catalog is joining the big catalog, so Stampin' Up! has to make room. Lots on this list--so if you were planning to decorate with our amazing decor elements, check it out.

Finally, here is the Last Chance Accessories List, which also is long due to repackaging of paper. If something you love is on this list, buy it fast. Once supplies are out you can't get it any more. The best way to stay on top of what's available is to order through my online store. If you order through me, I cannot guarantee it will be in stock by the time I enter your order after getting it.

Happy Retirement Day!


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