Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making an MDS Calender

My online friend Adriana Benitez at Escape to Stamp had been making and posting a monthly calendar using My Digital Studio. I got in the habit of downloading it as my wallpaper on my computer. Unfortunately, either I've missed them or she's been as busy as I and I still have MAY on my laptop. Time to make one for myself. Here it is:

How did I do it? Well, this will be an easy tutorial to show beginners as most of you out there are beginners with My Digital Studio.

1. Open up MDS. (My Digital Studio).
2. At the "new project" prompt, click on calendar.
3. Pick 8 1/2 by 11".
4. Pick Design Your Own. You need to do this so that your calender will have dates populated. Otherwise, you have to make the whole thing yourself. (Yuck).
5. Click next in the bottom right corner. You'll get a screen with two rows. You have a choice here. Either click next and move on with all of 2011 in your calender or highlight months you don't need (January -July) and hit remove. The first option leads to a bigger file than you need. The second option gives you the risk of deleting too much.
6. Click next. Choose Pick and Click: Insert Photos Individually. This lets you decide when and if to add pictures. The other setting is good when making a quick scrapbook.
7. Name your project.  Sara is Awesome would work, but MDS calender 2011 might be easier to remember.
8. Find the August Calender page by using the thumbnail guide along the bottom of the screen.
9. I usually start by picking out a background paper. To do that, I use the left hand column of tools. Click on the paper icon (red arrow #1). Then click browse to pick your favorite Designer Series Paper. I used Noteworthy. Click on the pattern you want. I like this blue one.

10. To change the color of the Calender Grid and numbers, I highlighted all of the numbers at once. Start with your cursor near the S for Sunday click and drag. This creates a box that will end up highlighting everything in little squares. Click on the right hand column Change Color. On the pop up screen you get, click on the color you want. I used the new In Color Island Indigo.
11. You'll notice those lines didn't change. Those (painfully) have to be changed one by one. Click on each one until you see the little box "handles," and then click Change Color just like you did in step 10.
12. You'll notice my "August" is different than on the page. I could have used any font I have installed on my computer to make it funky. Instead, I clicked on August, hit delete, and added a stamp in it's place. To add a stamp, go to the left hand side. 1. Click on the stamp. 2. Hit Browse and find Month by Month. (I downloaded this recently, so you may need to add it if you want to use it. Otherwise, just highlight your text and change the font on the right.) 3. Click Open.

13. Click on Change Color on the left column at the top. I chose Island Indigo. Double Click on the image you want. It should appear in the design space. Click on it to move it around. To make it run vertically, click on Rotate 90* right.
14. To add the flowers, go to the Stamp area on the right. Click on Browse and find Noteworthy Flowers. Click on Open. Change the color to Daffodil Delight. (see step 10 if you are lost).
15. Click on the image you want and drag into place on the Design. Resize it larger by clicking on one of the box "handles" and dragging it bigger. Then, right click on the image. Choose Send to Back to place the flower behind the calender.
14. I also added some flowers by the August. To do that, I clicked on the ones I wanted, drug them into place, and then used my arranging tools Send to Front and Send to Back to layer them.

15. Now, what's a page without embellishments? Go to the left hand column. Click on the flower icon which stands for Embellishments. Click on Browse. Find the Buttons Neutrals.  Click Open.  Find the Whisper White Button 3. Click on it and drag one to the center of the big flower. Again, it's not big enough, so click on a handle and increase the size.

16. Add White Button 2 and place it on the center of the other flower. To make it hit the center for certain. Click on the button, hold the shift button, and click on your flower. Both the button and flower should have visible "handles."

Then, click on the icon with three levels and a line. Choose Center and your button will go to the center. Pretty cool, huh?

17. I think that's all I can handle for this tutorial, so time to export. On the right hand side, click on the Share Project Tab. Then click on the Export to JPEG icon.

You'll get a window that says, Save Changes? Click agree.

18. Follow the Export Wizard. You'll see your page in the thumbnails of pages. Make sure your page is clicked.
19. I chose medium for the JPEG size and I moved the slider bar to 100% for Image Quality.

20. Now, you can open your calender as a JPEG and do with it as you wish!

WOW! When I started this tutorial, I didn't realize how long it would turn out.  Hopefully, if you are not a beginner, it wasn't too heavy. If you are a beginner, I hope it was thorough enough.

Happy Designing!



  1. I've had MDS since it came out and just haven't used it! Maybe, with your step by step, I can actually create a project! Thanks, Sara!

  2. Great calendar, and fabulous step-by-step tutorial!

  3. Great calender I need to give this a shot, thanks for the tutorial and how I would have been lost! lol


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