Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Red, Green, and Yellow Chili

Some recipes we make are the kind that when the cupboard is open, things just fall in naturally. I know I got this recipe from somewhere, but over the years I've gotten to where I just add a bunch of stuff and it works. However, the last time I fed a crowd, I got asked for the recipe and I had to think about what I actually put in. That's why I chose it for part of my recipe book:

I'm a bit literal. I got the color scheme from the title of the recipe--Red, Green, and Yellow Chili. I also added the blue #1 as a contrast. The red paper also made me think of kidney beans. See, a bit literal.  I like it.

One thing that makes digital scrappin' cool is that you can adjust the size of stamps. I made a small #1 and then a big #1, and they are exactly the same. Very cool.

Happy Stamping!



  1. The best kind of recipes are the ones that you just throw together with what's in the cupboard :) Sounds pretty yummy to me too!

  2. Great page! They totally look like kidney beans!

  3. lol Great page!! Sometimes those are the best dishes were you put whatever in them!

  4. Fun page! The colors go well with such a tasty sounding recipe!

  5. Love those kind of recipes! And you inspired me to share some MDS recipe pages too.

  6. Love seeing your recipe pages! Your book is going to be really cool when completed!


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