Friday, October 7, 2011

Convention 2011 Video

Yes, I wrote video. One of the coolest things about My Digital Studio is the ability to take scrapbooks and make them into videos. How cool is that? I made my first good one (with music). Cross your fingers and play it!
Stampin' Up! made a digital kit available with predesigned pages and also provided professional photographs in a collection. I added my own and TAH DAH! a great book (once I get it printed) and a great video to share! Being a demonstrator is truly an amazing experience for me. I have friends all over the world who "get it" and there's nothing like being surrounded by people who share a passion. Happy Stamping! Photobucket


  1. Awesome video!! I loved seeing your whole scrapbook like that! My only suggestion would be to slow down the speed of the pages a little. Great work!

  2. How fun Sara! And you are so right, nothing like being around others who understand/feel the same :)

  3. What a great idea! Love it. Although it went so fast I could hardly make out the pictures. But it brought back great memories. :)

  4. Great job, Sara! I would slow it down just a bit. Fun, fun!!

  5. Wow is that cool! I wish it was slower so that I could see your pictures better!


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