Saturday, November 19, 2011


The past week was crazy. I just realized this morning that I had no posts since last Sunday? What happened? I have no real idea other than I feel pretty tired today from running, running, and running. All fun, but whew! Sorry about the lack of ideas coming your way. I'll be posting again on odd days and not completely forgetting about it! I have a fun one for you today--I've hosted three of my four events this week and each time we ate these:

 and these:

Thanks to my fabulous husband, Bubba, who took these. Check out his other work at his photography website:Insomniac Designs Photography

I used the shortbread recipe from the Stampin' Up! insert with my Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps and I found this gingerbread recipe on the world wide web.

I used My Digital Studio to make my recipe card. I am set for the cookie exchange now--except for the actual baking that is!

Happy Stamping!


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  1. how long to you bake them and at what temp.?!
    They look great!


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