Saturday, November 5, 2011

I love My Digital Studio!

I just feel like I should open my french doors and yell--I LOVE MY DIGITAL STUDIO right now, but I think the neighbors might be annoyed. Since I annoy them regularly with things like --leaves on my grass and dead tree limbs in the woody part of my yard, and, dare I say it, long grass since I don't mow every week, I have decided to yell on the blog. Once again, "I LOVE MY DIGITAL STUDIO!"

I can take my Stampin' Up! colors, stamps, designs, papers, embellishments anywhere I can take my laptop.
I can create anything I want when I want without making a mess.
I can use Control Z to undo something I don't like instead of ripping apart a project.
I can make cool looking things that normally would be BORING!

Here is one such thing. I needed to print a Booking Calender for November for the two craft fairs I have coming up in case someone would like to book a workshop. My google calender and I are not getting along and I had trouble printing a boring blank one, so I whipped on My Digital Studio and created this:
 Lovely, isn't it. I went overboard perhaps, but this way, my calender works as a tool to show off MDS! One just wasn't enough so I did this:

The Biggest reason I love My Digital Studio-- Stampin' Up! listens to us, makes changes accordingly, and offers them as FREE updates! Yes, they do. I just updated my software to the 1.08.blah blah blah version and the new calender stuff was there. How cool. No fees. No trouble. No problem! There's a new calender function that allows you to edit the font, choose your months, edit the "look" and colors, and more! YIPPEEEE!

Oh the fun I will have!

Happy Stamping!



  1. Cool calendars! Love that you can personalize them. I really need to figure out how to use MDS!

  2. Fabulous calendars!! May you fill them up quickly! I just ran that upgrade -- now I need to go play with some calendars!

  3. I ♥ My Digital Studio too. And I love what you did with it here. I haven't played around much with the calendars, but you are making me want to. :)

  4. Um...I think I missed these calendars! Off to check it yours, btw. Hope they keep getting filled!

  5. Great calendars! Wish I had thought of that...


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