Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks for the Memories

Today we said goodbye in a service to Ron, one of "The Guys" my husband took care of and who lived with us. Bubba was his primary caregiver for 8 years and the other "guy" lived with him for 20. Ron was a special person, all right. He could make you so mad with his stubborness that you walked away to end the conflict, but he could also make you laugh so hard your gut ached. He loved unconditionally. He laughed whenever possible. He loved a good time, but hated watiting for it to come. He was independent and stubborn, and yet caring. He knew his cars. We'd pass an old car, seeing it for a second or two and he'd name the make and model. Cadillacs were for doctors. Toyotas were junk. (what we drive, by the way). He was a nut and called everyone else one. His heroes had all died--Roy Rogers, Matt Dillon, John Wayne, but he still watched with the the glee of a little kid in his eye. Presents--he loved presents. When opening presents, it was like he was a boy again. He tore into them with vigor and this look in his eye. Often, he'd announce what it was--a movie, a car, but he also made commentary--Snowman don't ride horses. (when he was given a cowboy snowman figurine). He showed his appreciation in small ways--by teasing, by calling you a nut, by doing what he didn't want to. We will miss him. In tribute, I am posting a slide show I made of a calender for his aunt and guardian, who was the best thing that ever happened to Ron. Aunt Belle is amazing and loves him dearly. Those of you that pray, please pray for her. She could use some solace.

 Happy Trails, Ron!

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