Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to You!

My family is the greatest gift in my life. Last night at Mattson Christmas affirmed that. Love surrounded me, Bubba, and Don. Plus, watching the kids open their gifts--I hit a home run with each one! Anyway, here is our Christmas letter.

Hi all! [When you see RED that’s me....Dr. Truth, Bubba.}
2011. Really, what can I say? We’ve had another year of marital bliss around here. Although, “here” has changed to our Shawano house.  Last June, Bubba and Don set up shop at N6684 Chicawatha. The Neenah house is up for sale. Anyone want a great little house?  Living 24/7 with Bubba has been an adjustment by both of us [mostly by me], but we are surviving. I’d say thriving. I love coming home to warm suppers [Warm?  How about AWESOME suppers] and his hugs after a long day of my 13th year at Menominee Indian Middle School. I’m sure he loves me making coffee each morning [Can “barely” hear her leave--which reminds me quit slamming the door in the morning] at 6 as I leave. Speaking of my job, I still love the kids and teaching math. Middle schoolers can be a challenge, but most of the time I just laugh.
Bubba spent the fall coaching football [it’s a pretty loose definition of coaching] for the Menominee Eagles High School Team. He loved every minute of it, obsessed every night about the kids, and how they could improve. His photography business [again, a loose definition of business here] is booming with weddings and babies and his favorite subject Clare.
Speaking of Clare, I think most of our spare time has been spent with the Kohls family. Nathan and Tim are now taller than me [really not much of an accomplishment] as they hit 8th and 7th grades respectively. Conversations with them have transformed into real topics and I enjoyed my time at the Shack with them this Deer Season [from what I heard they had to haul along a grocery store to keep these two fed]. We’ve cheered Tim on in Football [he came out to our HS practice one day and really inspired the team] and Nathan on in Tae Kwon Do [don’t get in his way....I’ve seen him in action and I go wide around him from now on]. Clare, still steals our heart, with her cuteness and smarts [smart enough to know who her favorite Unka is]. She bellows “Bubba!” or “Auntie” when we are out of her sight, but no one gets more love than Don [it’s sickening frankly....dude gets TONS of hugs, kisses, and big love from that kid].
We also lost Ron this year. First, he was too ill to live with us, needing more nursing care. He passed away in early November. We honored him in simple service and burial along with his family. Bubba and I think of him often and still tell Ron stories regularly. We miss him. [More than I ever thought possible.  Thankfully I have a ton of photos of him making goofy faces.  And so many great memories, stories, and laughs.  He was an original and one of the best people I knew]
As 2011 wraps up, we are looking forward to a quiet [insert air quotes here around quiet] 2012 up here in the Northwoods.  Wishing you all love, laughter, and health, [and a RAIDERS Super Bowl run]

Wishing you all love and happiness,


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