Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monkey Party Conclusion

Here are some more pictures of the party:

 When we sang happy birthday, she was so proud of herself. It was like she bursted at the seems.

The dorky looking person is me--apparently, I was making monkey noises.

Again, Bubba took the pictures. Check out his work at Insomniac Designs Photography.

The Thank-you card had some special touches I didn't have room to say on blog hop. I needed a small punch for the thanks, but couldn't fit it on the jewelry tab. SO, I made my own:

I punched it once with the decorative label punch, and slide it back in and punched again. It worked perfectly! Here is the invitation, if you want to compare:

 I used the same colors, but made the monkey pop out of the flower this time and didn't add the crazy background that matched the napkins and plates. Still cute, though! However, it wasn't my first plan. I turned my first invitation design into her birthday card:

See how creative one can be?
Happy Stamping!


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