Monday, April 9, 2012

A Yo-Yo of a Vacation!

whoo hoo! I'm on Spring Break! Boo hoo. Today is the last day. I don't know how it happens, but vacations are never long enough. I spend the first couple of days sleeping and recovering from pre-vacation craziness and then the last few days trying to get all my to do lists crossed off! I had from Wednesday at noon til tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7 am, so I have about 14 hours to get a whole bunch of stuff done! Plus sleep. I think I may have to accept reality that I'm not going to make the list empty.

Here's something I have finished up this weekend:

 It's a yo-you trivet using the Summer Smooches fabric. I used my Big Shot to cut 3 1/2" circles. I sewed around each one by folding over the edge 1/4 inch as I sewed. That way, I could pull the string tight and the yo-yo would form. I just tacked a group of them together and I have a cute trivet! 

I made most of these during a Vendor Fair and kept getting told how "crafty" I was. If they only understood how easy it was! I tried to explain the simplicity, but that didn't work so well!

 Happy Stamping!



  1. That is so cute!! I've made the Yo-Yos before, but I never thought of stitching them together! What a great idea!!

  2. Cute idea! And you are crafty - accept the genius at work :)

  3. OK I've been seeing these lots of places this week - as all of you enjoying your vacations get back to WORK next week, I might have to try these myself...wait - I'll still be working...:/

    These colors are purrrfect for summer!

  4. Fun!! Don't you just love that fabric?!

  5. Funny story crafty lady!

  6. Such a cute idea for showcasing the fabric! Of course you're "crafty"! I just love the cute emphasis that folks put on the word "crafty" when they pay you the full of wonder and a touch of jealousy.


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