Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stamps for Sale! Stamps for Sale!

Whoo Hoo! It's time to release my Stampin' Up! Retired Sets Inventory. It's big. I've lowered prices for my blog readers. If you'd like to purchase any, email me to let me know at lilyinkpad@yahoo.com
Cash, Check, or Charge accepted.

UPDATED: 6/15/12
Name Clear or Wood Mount Used Price Condition
A Beautiful Thing Wm 7 some staining SOLD
A Happy Heart WM 10 some staining
A Little Birthday Cheer WM 5 some staining SOLD
A Slice of Life CM 10 NIP
A Slice of Life WM 10 NIP
All About Occasions, 1 set of 4 and 2 jumbo wheels WM 10 mounted, like new
Always WM 15 some staining
Amazing to Zany WM 15 some staining
Baroque Motifs WM 10 much staining
Batty for You WM 10 much staining
Beary Best Friends WM 10 some staining
Bella's Bloom WM 5 like new, mounted SOLD
Best Bots Forever WM 10 like new, mounted
Best Friend ABC Upper WM 5 staining, some falling off, can be remounted
Best Friends Forever CM 7 like new, mounted
Big Deal Alphabet Wm 15 some staining
Big Deal Numbers WM 10 two mounted, rest NIP
Birthday Whimsy WM 5 some staining
Birthday Whimsy WM 5 NIP
Borderlines WM 10 like new, mounted
Celebrate Everything WM 5 much staining
Clearly for You CM 10 some staining
Define Your Life WM 15 like new, mounted SOLD
Dream Come True WM 10 much staining
Dreams du Jour WM 7 some staining
Eastern Blooms WM 10 some staining
Elegant Thank-you WM 3 some staining
Everyday Flexible Phrases WM 15 some staining
Expressive Flexible Phrases WM 15 some staining
Favorite Thoughts CM 10 unmounted, loose in case SOLD
Filled with Love CM 15 like new, mounted
Forest Friends WM 5 some staining
Fox and Friends WM 10 some staining
Fresh Cuts WM 10 some staining
Friends Never Fade CM 5 some staining
Grateful Greetings WM 20 some staining
Greenhouse Garden WM 10 some staining
Happy Harmony WM 5 NIP
Headline ABC WM 5 staining, some falling off, can be remounted
Hello Again Wm 5 some staining
Holidays and Wishes WM 7 some staining
Hugs and Wishes WM 7 some staining
Introducing WM 5 like new, mounted
It's a Party Wm 10 like new, mounted
Itty Bitty Backgrounds WM 7 some staining
Just So Sayings Wm 5 some staining
Letterpress ABC WM 7 some staining
Life's a Breeze WM 15 some staining
Lots of Bots Wm 7 some staining
Love You Much WM 15 some staining
Lucky Shamrock WM 3 some staining
Many Merry Messages WM 15 some staining
Mark the Date WM 7 like new, mounted
Medallion WM 10 some staining
Merry Crittermas CM 15 unmounted, loose in case
Northern Hearts-Hostess CM 10 like new, 2 stamps mounted
Party Hearty WM 10 much staining
Peaceful Season CM 10 NIP SOLD
Pendant Park WM 10 some staining
Perfect Timing WM 5 some staining
Petals Wheel Jumbo Wheel 3 some staining
Pick a Petal WM 15 some staining
Polka Dots and Paisley WM 10 some staining
Punch Potpourri CM 7 NIP
Punched Posies WM 10 NIP
Razzle Dazzle WM 7 some staining
Ribbon of Hope WM 3 NIP
Say it with Scallops WM 5 some staining
Schoolbook Serif Alphabet WM 15 2 mounted, rest unmounted, like new
Serene Snowflakes WM 10 much staining
Sew Suite CM 12 some staining SOLD
Short Order Numbers WM 5 some staining
Simply Said WM 15 some staining
Sincere Saluations WM 7 much staining SOLD
Sketch It WM 10 some staining
Small Sayings Wm 7 some staining SOLD
Snow Jumbo Wheel 3 some staining
Snow Burst WM 10 some staining
Solid Stripes WM 5 like new, mounted
Something Sweet WM 15 some staining
Supersize Snowflake Wm 10 some staining
Sweet Celebrations WM 10 some staining
Sweet Centers Wm 15 some staining
Sweet Season WM 5 much staining
Sweet Stars Jumbo Wheel 3 like new
Sweet Summer CM  10 NIP
Taking Care of Business WM 10 some staining
Tart and Tangy WM 5 some staining
Thank-You Kindly WM 7 some staining
Todo lo Mojor Wm 5 like new, mounted
Triple Treat Flower WM 3 NIP
Tropical Party CM 10 unmounted, loose in case
Vintage Vogue WM 10 some staining
With All My Heart WM 7 much staining
Fresh Vintage CM 10 some staining
Outlined Occasions CM 10 like new, mounted
Sprinkled Expressions CM 10 like new, mounted

Happy Stamping


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