Monday, July 23, 2012

Convention 2012-->MY WHY

I didn't go to Convention this year, taking a year off. Instead, I did an event, a swap, and watched my message boards for info. Tonight, a friend driving back from Convention wanted to stop by, so I let her, thinking a break is all she needed. Not so! She had a gift for me--three gifts actually!

She got me a garden flag set--which is three flags and a pole. I thought it was just the flags and nothing else! How cool! I already put one up, much to Bubba's dislike. The butterfly pattern is a shopping bag. I know I'll put that use! See those four circles? They are new, Convention Exclusive Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps! Check them out:

Now, I just need to find a calorie-free recipe!

Kim said this gift is because of my friendship and acceptance of her. First of all, everyone deserves to be accepted for who they are and second, she's just as generous with her friendship! I thank her for all she has given me tonight, and during our friendship.

That's why I am a demonstrator. That's MY WHY-- relationships. Sure, I love creating. I love making stuff. But really, I love all my friends I have who are demonstrators or customers or just friends who like my stuff. Bubba calls it a sorority. Kim calls it a sisterhood. I don't know what to call it exactly, but I'll take it, whatever it is.

Feeling pretty darn grateful right now,




  1. Awesome! I hope we get cookies at Hostess Appreciation!!

  2. wow how awesome and I love the cookies. aren't stamping buddies the best. TFS Sara! Hugs, Bev


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