Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cup Holder and Fabric Scrap Bin Tutorial

I wanted a cute gift that I could sew using Stampin' Up! fabric I bought previously. I had this idea in my head for a while. Then, I couldn't find the pattern I saw so long ago. I found a cute pincushion one online by Awaiting Ada. I followed her bag tutorial and then figured out a pouch that covers a tile so that we can put our cups on them and then wash them if needed :).

I used fabric I had stashed from a sale sometime, so it's mostly retired. I wanted to try a couple of other patterns, but found I couldn't find the two other packs of fabric I knew I had. I found them Thursday night as I packed! Oh well. More options for next time.

Here are the Flirtatious Designer Fabric ones:

Here are the Spice Cake Designer Fabric ones:

Finally, here are the In Stitches Designer Fabric:

Now, the details.

1. I first cut one set of three parts from the 3 extra-wide fat quarters after ironing them and placing them in layers on top of each other on my cutting board.

TIP: You can get more bags out of the extra. Just cut the same--2 7 x10" rectangles, 2 2" x 7" rectangles, one 12 x 6" rectangles, and one 2 x 6" rectangle.

 2. Take the 7 x 10 triangles, fold them half on the long side and sew each side at a 1/4" seam allowance.

3. Now, iron these so the side seams are flat and make a peak:

4. Sew one inch from the tip of each triangle. I used a black sharpie to mark this line on my machine, so I could sew straight.

5.  Cut off the tips:
6. Tuck the liner inside the bag so the wrong sides are together with right sides out.

7. Take the two 7" x 2"strips and sew the short sides with right sides together. Iron seams flat.
8. Fold one side of this loop 1/2" down and iron. Pin this to the outside of the bag.

9. Sew this in place 1/2" from edge. Fold over the binding, repin, and sew the binding down.

10. TaDah! You have a bag!

11. To make the coaster holder, fold two seams at the short ends of the 5 1/2" x 12" so that 1/2" is folded over. Sew.

 12. Take the long piece (that you'll use for multiple ties). Fold in half. Iron. Fold the halves in half and iron.

 13. Sew this.
 14. Now, place it on one seam you made on the pocket and stitch it down. (It works easier to do so before you do the next step.

 15. Sew the sides of the pocket with a 1/4" seam allowance.

16. Put your coaster in the bag. Hand sew two buttons---one on the inside of the bag, and one on the pocket (for flair).

Whoo Hoo! You made it!

 Happy Sewing!

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