Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MDS 2 is Stellar!

Today's title is cheesier than you know. I used MDS2 to create the coupons for my Stellar Store for my classroom this weekend. I had been just combining all sorts of resources that I've gathered over the years and then I just decided I wanted it to be my own. What better way than to use Stampin' Up! products?

In all, I designed 10 pages of passes. My teams can earn points and then "shop" for privileges. They need to turn these in to get the reward. I found last year that this was a manageable way for me to reward good behavior and dish out what I saw as privileges (and they sometimes saw as rights).

First, I downloaded my upgrade to MDS 2 for only $29! It looks similar to the MDS 1, but has some added features that are not to be missed. First--YOU CAN COLOR STAMP IMAGES ANY WAY YOU WANT! I stuck with a single color, but still, how cool is that? I also could export to a PDF which was a huge time saver for me. I cannot afford color copies all year, so I wanted outlines. I just couldn't figure it out in MDS2, although there might be a way, so imported my images into photoshop and played around until I got black and white outline versions:
How cool is that?

Off to have some more fun!


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