Friday, January 25, 2013

Mom's Calender 2013-- the Finale!

Here is the final episode of Mom's calender for this year!


STM stands for St. Thomas More, where the Kohls' family spends a great deal of time--the boys at school (until Nathan went to high school this year), where the St. Mary of the Angels Roller Rink is located, and where International Night takes place. Check out Nathan and Tim in their volunteer garb--really a chance to roller skate. Clare, also, loves to skate and has since she could walk practically. There's a (rare) picture of my sister and I.

 Mom made Clare a Minnie Mouse dress, which she calls her twirly dress. Nic and Brian were Prince Charming and Snow White. Godparents Steve and Holly were Beauty and the Beast. Nathan and Andrew were Sorcerer Mickey. Tim was Goofy.

We love fall. Check out my mom quilting at her kitchen table. This is how she spends much of her time in the fall. Bubba took the rest of the photos-- "school pictures" of Nathan and Tim, cute ones of Clare and I. All fun and all good.

Finally, December 2011:

I love doing this calender every year--it brings back such great memories and reminds me how amazing my family is and how lucky I am!

Happy Stamping!


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