Friday, February 8, 2013

Shoot for the Stars!

I overdecorate my classroom according to my colleagues. Me, I think it should be fun to look around when bored. This year, my theme is stars--as in, "My students are stars, shine bright, brilliant, Shoot for the stars..." anything I can think of that will encourage them to work hard. I'm also uber-organized by color- each class period has a color- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, so that I can keep them all straight. For example, we figure out the class's GPA (grade point average) each Friday and then we graph it on a year-long line graph on the wall. Each class period has a color, with a matching star sticker, and the correct color line. Today, I used color magnets to hold up lists that showed kids what they were missing and I caught one kid saying, "Ours is red, why are you looking at the green one?" He, he, he. My evil plan is working.

Anyway, I spend a few bucks of my own for all this. Well, mostly all of it is out of pocket. So, why not design my own rewards using My Digital Studio? Here's what I worked out:

Cool, huh? I hope my kids like them. I mail home a reward every time a kid "passes" a test. It's not a high standard, but it does make kids try their best. Middle school is a time where kids often are unmotivated. Graduation isn't a goal yet and doing work for the sake of doing work isn't enough. They also put a big star with their name on it on the Wall of Fame. They love this. Who knew something so simple could work so well?

Sorry for not posting much this week. I was under the weather all weekend and it carried over into the week. I'm still not sure what virus it was, but it has been going around the school.

Happy Stamping!


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