Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Living the Good Life at Convention 2013: Quick Photo Update

Wow! I thought I had prescheduled a post for Sunday, but I guess not. Sorry about that. Tuesday, I was still making my way back to Shawano. Then, I slept til today. Crazy!

 I've been on a Convention high--super busy in Salt Lake City. Want to know what I've been up to?

Photo: Stampin' Up's 25th anniversary party is a blast!
Awards Night! With my glamourous local group, roommate Janice, Upline Sandy, upline Connie, new friend, Dorgene, Patrice, me (in a dress) and Kathy. Check out that lei Connie is wearing. She was one of the top 100 demonstrators for the year and earned a priviledge called Founders Circle. We love Connie! Congratulations!

This is my friend, Barbara, who probably will kill me when she finds this photo, but I loved it. She was carving her own stamp--using the new Undefined Stamp line. So very cool! She always looks FABULOUS!

Check out the Atrium at Stampin' Up!'s Home Office in Riverton, Utah. I toured on Thursday and it was inspiring. If only my classroom could be that cool!

Here's part of the distribution center--where all our orders come from. Pretty amazing!

I have more, but wanted to start somewhere, so there you go, for now.

Happy Creativity!

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