Saturday, August 17, 2013

Undefined: Carve Your Own Stamps

I missed Thursday, but I am here today, even if it is late. I've been having fun stamping around getting ready for the school year and taking classes. I just haven't taken pictures of everything. But, I have finally finished editing my latest Lily Ink Pad Video!

If you can't see it in this post, you can click here to see it via YouTube.

Cool, huh?

The Undefined Stamp Carving is so incredibly fun. I like to doodle new ideas when I'm distracted during my classes. Here are the things I stamped that night I carved my stamps:

I love my new stamps!

You can order your own kit by visiting my website and clicking on SHOP NOW!


  1. Sara, you are TERRIFIC! Your video is great! I give you lots of credit for doing something like this on video. I would be so scared of messing up. But, you didn't and it turned out awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us! Linda @

  2. Great video Sara! It was fun to watch you create your stamp.


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