Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hoop it up!

 My nephew Tim loves playing basketball. As a freshman, he played on Green Bay East's freshman team. Bubba, Don, and I got to to watch a tournament game and I scrapped the day using my Project Life stuff. 

I used the Everyday Adventures Kit here. These are two pages that face each other in the scrapbook and I love how I could use the same kit and get a totally different feel on each page. I used all the black and white cards that could go well with Tim's Real Red jersey. I love the middle band of photos. My husband took series of shots and you can see the effort Tim gives everything he does. 

As for the top page, Clare steals the show everytime. During a break between games, Clare played in her self-determined outfit. Doesn't a Brave dress go with leopard print and cowboy boots? Her determination is evident in these pictures and capture her charisma.

I love Project Life and Stampin' Up! I am so glad I can have fun with this!

Happy Creative Energy!

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