Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cards, Cards, Cards!

Anyone who knows me never gets a card. I know, I'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator who is fabulous at creating, but horrible at giving. Part of the problem is I have too many. So, I spent my free time this week taking care of 6 tubs of cards:

Either the cards were ones I made that needed an Angel Policy Stamp or cards I needed to finish from an event, or they were swaps that I could make into cards. 

When I got to an event and often by mail, I make a set of cardfronts and trade them with other demonstrators. I have many of these and wanted to use them to send to folks this year! The Marshfield Ronald McDonald House will get some and my school will use some and I'll use some. First, though, I had to add a back and organize! 

So, I will be stamping soon to show you fabulous projects, but first I have to finish this. Only 100 or so more cardfronts to go!

I also sell cards, so if you are in need, just let me know. I group them into sets of 6 for $10.

In Times of Need (2 Get Well, 4 Sympathy)
Just Say Hello
Celebrate Friendship
Baby, Oh Baby
Love (weddings, anniversaries, love you, Valentine's)
For You (blank or with For You on it)
Positive Thoughts (assorted happy thoughts or positive sayings)

and I have Merry Christmas in sets of 12 for $15.

I am having a special right now, you can get a box of cards for $8 instead of the normal $10. 20% OFF! Just Email me!

Happy Stamping!


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