Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to Save Your Stamping Stuff in a Fire

1) Keep things in covered tins or plastic containers that seal. Things that were sealed, survived the smoke and water damage. My stash of retired stuff might have survived as it was in sealed plastic boxes. I haven't gotten them back yet, but its possible.

2) Keep your stamping space away from the kitchen. My husband's office was next to the kitchen and didn't make it. My space was in the basement and we could save some stuff.

3) Have awesome parents who try to clean the stuff that the insurance people say is unsaveable. You get to keep your punches and Big Shot thinlets that way. 

4) Be sure your local fire department sees the need to rescue the stash. Mine put everything they could under tarps. They must have known how important my Stampin' Up! Stuff was.

5) Send cards out when you make them. I had hundreds of cards that my awesome insurance adjuster counted as "waterlogged." 

6) Be aware that any cards on an awesome display rack may incinerate, but the metal display will survive. 

7) Acrylic blocks can be saved. They don't seem to hold smoke. Wood blocks, not so much.

8) Keep an inventory so you can just give it to the adjuster. I circled everything I owned in the catalog and it was painful to see all I had lost. 

9) Keep a stash of thank-you notes in your fire lock box. You'll want to thank people for all they do for you after the fire and the thought of buying them (gasp) is horrible. 

10) Keep scrapbooks in a sealed tomb or digitally. They don't like water and smoke. At all. 

Although the list of things lost is sad, I can rebuy what I love and I was able to save some things. 
-some embossing folders
-acrylic blocks

Things I lost
-big shot (the rubber handle stinks and the rollers are rusty)
-paper cutter (stinky and rusty)
-project life kits (duh, paper!
-all of my paper and Designer Series Paper 
-inks (they absorb the water and smoke like no other!)
-stamps (rubber loves smoke smells, photopolymer loves it more)
-anything else I had that was papery

What I gained is more space and a fresh outlook on what's important. When I needed help finishing my sister's wedding favors, Demonstrators and Friends rushed to help. When I needed thank-you notes, a great friend sent me a box full of them--with envelopes and stamps! When I needed to drop out of a blog hop, demonstrator friends were supportive. Demonstrator friends have sent me Rich Regal ink pads, a stencil, and more from their own stash. It's overwhelming, but awesome.

Happy Living!


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