Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Organizing Tip: Framelit Storage

With my new catalog order and my catalog preorder, I've been spending some time organizing lately. I mean, I HAD to check out all the stuff I splurged on after my "bad day at work shopping spree."

One thing I noticed is that my framelits are becoming more complicated. They are beautiful, but I'd hate to lose one. The mess that I create when I am creative doesn't help me not lose things. In fact, my husband would say it helps me lose things. So, in order to not lose these cute little metal pieces of awesomeness, I do this:

First, I get a roll of magnet paper from a local store. I don't spend much and I use every inch. I cut the magnet paper the size of the paper insert in the envelopes and use Tear Away Tape to adhere the magnet to the paper.  I then outline the framelits in metallic sharpie. This time I used PURPLE. So fun. Before I put them away, I can tell if one is missing and it makes it easier to get them all to fit on the magnet. 

There are many ways to store framelits. I prefer to keep them in their envelopes and I keep those in a Ikea old tin bin that is the width of the envelopes. Ikea no longer carries them. but it works for me. I've also tried a basket and that was worked well, also. I like things with lids to hide my stuff. (although, I keep the lids off for access most of the time).  

I hope this helps! 

Happy Creating!

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