Tuesday, August 16, 2016

80's Art

or...the perfect card for a 6 year old girl:

and the inside:

The front is a shaker card full of fun and the inside I used the square I cut out for the front for the sentiment. I tried to add it to the front, but never got the design to look quite right. Then, brilliance descended and placed the sentiment inside another easel. 

When my niece saw this card, she squealed. She called it perfect and immediately made one. Hers had more bling than even mine and a lot more balloons!! 

When I first saw this paper on the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Preorder in May, I thought I'd love it. Then I got it and and found it hard to work with. However, once I went all out with the combination of designs, it worked. So the lesson is: Go Big or Go Home.

Shaker cards have never been easier with Stampin' Up!'s Foam Adhesive Strips. All I have to do is make a square of foam to contain my Sprinkles Punched pieces and sequins. Easy. Clare, at age 6, found it "not as hard as I thought." I hope she doesn't think that all future cards will be shaker cards!

Happy Stamping!


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