Saturday, April 22, 2017

It's a Sara Thing!

Oh My Golly! The hype about this month's My Paper Pumpkin kit was all accurate. I spent two evenings last week working on all 12 projects. I didn't even need to go crazy with experimentation, the Stamp Set, watercoloring, and accessories made it fun to play!

Here are my projects:

As you can see, the cards created are very coordinated, but each a little different.  The fun part was watercoloring with a brush. I always use an aqua painter and the brush spread out the water differently.  To get the bright colors, I colored darkly on the water color paper and added 

Here are some close-ups.
 This was my last card. I had run out of flowers and realized I never made a BEST dad card, so thought of what would be good for a modern dad. I used the background stamp only and some washi tape. Easy, but neat looking. I also did the inside to match.

 On this one, I was trying for a streaky rainbow, and was really playing with how I could use the brush. It says Happy Birthday for you and inside, "You're the best."

I added a little color the flag and then drew a candle inside for fun. 

These are two using the same background, but I was lighter on one than the other with the pencils. I love the multi-colored one, but I know that my sister will love the second one more.

Right from the kit, but with a little added pizazz inside.

A 3D item. I used parts to make a little photo stand to give to a teacher. Cute and modern. I found the chunky black clothespins somewhere and had them in stash to play with. Finally, I did and It's sweet gift.

I'm not a diamond girl, but it was fun to play with this heart diamond. I colored one with a lot of watercolor pencil and little water, and the other with little pencil and a lot of water!

Finally, here's the card that was an opps, but I turned it into a great card:

I dropped my stamp on the paper and stamped a random word. So.. I stamped a lot more random words to make a collage. It's now my favorite card.

Well, that was my creative fun this week. I hope you enjoyed it. 

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Happy Stamping!


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