Sunday, June 11, 2017

My Paper Pumpkin May 2017: Sprinkled with Love

Stampin' Up! My Paper Pumpkin for May 2017 was awesome-- and easy. I loved the stamps, the donut-shapes, and the colors. I loved it so  much that I made all of the cards in one evening and used some of them to say good bye to my homeroom students as they move to high school next year.

I'm finding My Paper Pumpkin a really fulfilling, especially during the busy days of being a teacher. It's ready to go and I get great projects from the experience. Creativity is the best way for me to unwind.

Here are the projects I created from this month's kit:

The bottom left one is a variation on the kit idea. The top left is a regular-sized card using the donut pieces. The right side is the front and back of a little bag I created with the envelope. I simply scored the bottom and sides to make the bag- on inch from each side and 1 inch from the bottom.

This set of cards were made with the the blue bases. the top left was me dreaming of summer. I made an intertube from the bases and a towel from the envelope. I then added the saying, "I love you a hole bunch" on the inside of the card. Cheesey. I know.  The others are variants just playing around with the kit. 

This set is my donut set. I love these cards. The top two are direct from the kit directions. The bottom two are my creativity showing up with the use of the stamps and a full card. I liked the icing as a background on a full size card. 

My Paper Pumpkin is an economical way to get some crafting in your life- 24.95 per month. My next one comes next week! Order here!

Happy Stamping!


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